Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D minus

They’re brought in fresh and uncultivated. The raw material. Small parts and unrefined mechanisms, they’re carefully classified by their date of manufacture, and so segregated and placed together in various batches.
Then on the conveyor belt, their journey begins. In this factory of enhancement, they’re going to be constructed into marketable goods.
Each lot is subjected to the same treatments. Uniformly whittled and tweaked and polished and computerised. Those that cannot cope are understandably abandoned.
Each part is a clone of the other. Ruthlessly they’re manipulated and moulded and wrought to perfection. Their individual characteristics are exterminated and their natural instincts are deadened.
Heat, pressure, force and exploitation. It’s a painfully long procedure, undertaken by a flourishing industry of invaluable pertinence.
But the finished products emerge in the end. Matured and ready for consumption, they’re sheathed in black and receive a tell-all stamp of approval.
Commercial assets, they’re ready to be sold to a profitable fraternity.
With clearly marked expiry dates, they’re ready to be expended.

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